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Photo Gallery - 2000

The photos shown here are of the 2000 Regatta held in Key Largo, Florida. This page is best viewed at 800x600 or higher screen resolution.

The final touches at Cape Cod Shipbuilding before leaving for Florida with six Bullseye headed for the Nationals.


Decisions, decisions!  Which way should I go?  A downwind leg without the benefit of Spinnakers


I've heard of follow the leader, but isn't this pushing it?  A fresh air Bullseye day.


Running free on a fresh breeze and approaching hull speed.


Jim Leenhouts points up on George Fenner and Bob Holtzman.


Don't look back now! Everybody is on our tail.


Six Bullseyes ready for the trip home to New England.  Hey, consider this... the boats are ready for some frost bite sailing.

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