Bullseye Class Association Constitution and Bylaws

[Revised May, 2007]


The name of this organization shall be BULLSEYE CLASS ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as the Association).

ARTICLE II - Class Symbol

The Class symbol shall be . The class symbol shall be placed above the racing number, and both symbol and number shall be 10" in height.


The purpose of the Bullseye Class Association shall be:

  1. To promote use of the fiberglass Bullseye as a family boat, and for recreational sailing.
  2. To provide specifications and rules in regard to hull, spars and sails in order to protect one-design aspects of the fiberglass Bullseye, and to insure uniformity and safety in racing.
  3. To establish communication between individual owners, and groups of owners, of fiberglass Bullseyes, by means of newsletters and a class Bullseye publication.
  4. To encourage participation by owners of fiberglass Bullseyes in racing.

ARTICLE IV - Standards

The boat shall be a keel sloop of fiberglass construction, to be known as the Cape Cod Bullseye. Hull and spars shall be as furnished by the Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. of Wareham, MA., under the designation, CAPE COD BULLSEYE. The fiberglass hull shall be that hull built over and around molds designed from plans for the Herreshoff Twelve and a half footer, owned and used exclusively by Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company.

ARTICLE V - Membership and Dues

Regular membership in the Bullseye Class Association shall be extended to any interested persons, upon payment of dues. However, in all matters requiring representation and voting, each boat shall be limited to a single vote. Dues shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VI - Organization

The organization of the Association shall include local fleets, which may be organized according to local custom and convenience. However, such Bylaws and rules as are drawn up by local fleets, should conform insofar as is possible to those of the Association. No departure from specifications as regards hull, spars and sails shall be allowed.

For purposes of the Association, a fleet shall be defined as a group of five or more fiberglass Bullseyes in one area, whose owners have some form of organization for discussion and planning of Bullseye activities in that area. Such a group may apply to the Association Secretary for designation as a Chartered Fleet, with a name distinctive to the area concerned.

Each Chartered Fleet may select one individual from its membership, to serve for a period of one year as its representative on the Executive Committee of the Association.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings

There shall be an annual meeting of the Bullseye Association Membership and such other meetings, as may be called by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VIII - Officers and Executive Committee

ARTICLE IX - Nationals Competition

The crew in a boat participating in a Nationals Regatta may number either two or three persons, but the number and identity of crew members must be maintained throughout the Regatta. Substitution for a crew member will be permitted if approval is voted by the other Regatta participants.

For all National regattas any quantity of sails may be measured for competition. One mainsail, two spinnakers and one headsail may be permitted for each day of racing, but the hosting fleet will determine the use of spinnakers and choice of headsail for the event and indicate these selections in the Notice of Race. A working jib may be substituted for a genoa jib at any time.

Three perpetual trophies are presented at the annual Bullseye National Regatta; when presenting each trophy the following descriptions are to be read;

THE E.L. GOODWIN BULLSEYE NATIONAL TROPHY. This trophy, awarded each year to the winner of the Bullseye National Regatta, is a varnished, wooden half-model surrounded by the plaques of past winners from Larchmont in 1962 until the present. Every year the new recipient is asked to add a plaque with his or her name and yacht club on it. Originally known as the Bullseye Annual Trophy, the name was changed in 1984 to honor E.L. Goodwin of Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company who began building the fiberglass Bullseye in 1949.

THE BEVERLY TROPHY. The Beverly “Most Improved” Trophy was initiated in 1994 by the Beverly Yacht Club. It is a perpetual trophy awarded to the skipper who shows the most improvement from one National Regatta to the next.

THE ROCKPORT TROPHY. The Rockport “Away” Trophy is a perpetual trophy awarded to the highest finishing boat that is not a member of the host fleet in a National Regatta. The trophy is a pen and ink drawing by avid Rockport sailor Peter Vincent, generously donated to the Bullseye Association. The Rockport Bullseye Fleet first awarded this trophy at the 1999 Bullseye Nationals to recognize that it is the boats, skippers and crew traveling to the Nationals which make this annual event so special.

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