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Photo Gallery - 1999

The photos shown here are of the 1999 Regatta held in Rockport, Massachusetts. This page is best viewed at 800x600 or higher screen resolution.

beentries2.gif (389739 bytes)

This year's skippers, crews and significant others.


bestart.GIF - 246035 Bytes

A clean start during one of Sunday's races.


leeward.GIF - 198387 Bytes

Congestion at the reaching mark.


start.JPG (85909 bytes)

Another good start.  There is always one or two on port tack just to make it interesting.


reech1.JPG (75345 bytes)

Reaching to the leeward mark.


takedown.JPG (136717 bytes)

Some positions are about to change here at the leeward mark.


rounding.JPG (88309 bytes)

Clean roundings of the leeward mark.

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