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Bullseye Nationals Regatta Winners

2022Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Meris Enright
2021Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Joan Tiffany / Ed Tiffany
2020No Regatta (COVID-19)Regatta canceled
2019Saunderstown, RI (Saunderstown Yacht Club)Regatta canceled
2018Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Chris Collings / Kathryn Collings
2017Winter Harbor, ME (Winter Harbor Yacht Club)Jed Hoffer/Kym Lee
2016Key Largo, FL (Card Sound Sailing Club)Kotsatos/Marsh
2015Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Kym Lee and Jed Hoffer
2014Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Rugg, Peter
2013Saunderstown, RI (Saunderstown Yacht Club) Richard Feeny
2012Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Chris Collings/Kathryn Collings
2011Bristol, RI (Herreshoff Marine Museum / America’s Cup Hall of Fame)Chris Collings/Kathryn Collings
2010Key Largo, FL (Card Sound Sailing Club)Chris Collings / Kathryn Collings
2009Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Chris Collings / Kathryn Collings
2008Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Collings, Chris
2007Marion MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Wendy Goodwin/Gordon Goodwin
2006Southwest Harbor, ME (Southwest Harbor Fleet)Wendy Goodwin/Gordon Goodwin
2005Key Largo, FL (Card Sound Sailing Club)Al/Lynne Mast
2004Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Wendy Goodwin/Gordon Goodwin
2003Marion MA (Beverly Yacht Club)David Burnham
2002Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Caroline & Peter Rugg
2001Southwest Harbor, ME (Southwest Harbor Fleet)W.Wells
2000Key Largo, FL (Card Sound Sailing Club)Don Wright
1999Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Elizabeth Wohler-Berry/Bill Berry
1998Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Elizabeth Wohler-Berry/Bill Berry
1997Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Caroline and Peter Rugg
1996Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Emily Wick/Phil Davis
1995Southwest Harbor, ME (Southwest Harbor Fleet)Elliot Cohen/Tom Brown
1994 Key Largo, FL (Card Sound Sailing Club)Gene Corley/Owen Coon
1993Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Wendy, Gordon & Andrea Goodwin
1992Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Caroline Rugg/Peter Rugg
1991Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Spencer Gowrie/Carter Gowrie & Linda Dowd
1990Southwest Harbor, ME (Southwest Harbor Fleet)Peter Rugg/Courtney Rugg
1989Key Largo, FL (Card Sound Sailing Club)Gene Gorley/Owen Coon
1988Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Peter Rugg
1987Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)C. Van Voorhis/J. Zanghetti/J. Pope
1986Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Richard Holcombe
1985Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)David Burnham
1984Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)“Tut” Tuttle
1983Southwest Harbor, ME (Southwest Harbor Fleet)Charlie Hudson
1982Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Halsey Herreshoff/Steve Burnham & Ed Cobb
1981Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)“Tut” Tuttle
1980Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)David Burnham
1979Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)David Burnham
1978Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Jim Kubik/Elizabeth & Anne Kubik
1977Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Yacht Club)Steve Burnham
1976Marblehead, MAJohn Burnham
1975Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)John Burnham
1974Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)George Smith
1973Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Dan Schley
1972Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Susan & Henry Cohen
1971Cataumet, MAM. Cohen
1970Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Edward Brainard, II
1969Rockport, MA (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)Henderson Inches
1968Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Ingersoll Cunningham
1967Marblehead, MAM. Cohen
1966Cataumet, MAI. Cunningham
1965Harwichport, MAN. West
1964Marion, MA (Beverly Yacht Club)Ann Benedict
1963Mantoloking, NJAnn Benedict
1962Larchmont, NYGregory Costa, Jr.

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