In appreciation - BBR and Bullseye Nationals 2018

StartBuzzards Bay lived up to its reputation as a great place to sail with plenty of wind (15-20+ knots) on Friday plus some rain on Saturday with a lovely wrap of sun and a gentle shifty breeze on Sunday. Chris and Kathryn Collings were top place winners followed by Niko Kotsatos and Carolyn Marsh second place, Kym Lee and Jed Hoffer third place, Nicolas Memoli fourth place and Chris Verni fifth place. Go to the Bullseye Sailing Association website for all the results.

Kudos and many thanks to all who made BBR and the Bullseye Nationals a success!! We got off to a wonderful start with the single- handed racing spearheaded by Chris Collings and a terrific Race Committee. The wind and racing was only upstaged by the dinner hosted by Andy Kotsatos and Heather Parsons with assist by Susan Mead that even made the Card Sound visitors wish they were racing or at least impressed by the hospitality, the view and the wind. Great that they came to cheer all of us and especially support Chris Streit and Suzanne McManmon. The prizes. shirts and swag organized, ordered and imagined by Kathryn Collings were wonderful. Love the Bullseye commemorative pencils engraved and with a working eraser, no less, AND the magnet turning the Tiffany Jeep into a Bullseye Command Vehicle and otherwise making a Bullseye impression! The photo turning us all into the Bullseye logo is a great remembrance also. Thanks photographer Fran Grenon. To see photos and to purchase go to: For a 2018 Bullseye Nationals shirt go to Team One Bullseye Nationals.

The spiffy notice of race with graphic design by Kym Lee will be duplicated in the future for sure. The race committee led by co PROs Lizzie Isdale and Betsy Pierce were first rate, and it was very telling that they not only took care of us but also enjoyed it! Betsy is local to Marion and Lizzie who came from afar, we hope you will come back often! Thanks to the Collings for knowing Lizzie and luring her to BBR. Thanks to Niko Kotsatos and Mary Pierce for reviewing the NOR and SI and for Mary’s overall steady guidance. Thanks to Kym Lee for finding wonderful housing hosts and to the hosts who made the hospitality possible. And cheers to those who loaned their boats and Will Tifft who organized, and Jed Hoffer who helped with launching and hauling. Another cheer to Renny Maier and team who provided the support boat, Tom McManmon who brought guests out to the race course for cheering and Phyllis Partridge and others at registration. Bravo and thanks to Ed Tiffany who tirelessly paid attention as Chair and moved the dedicated committee along to an actual regatta!! Further appreciation to the Beverly Yacht Club, our host, to Paul Hyde operating the race committee boat “Commodores” and to Gregg Nourjian who Chaired BBR and navigated with good humor and patience the two- location event in Marion and New Bedford.

Thanks to all: organizers, newcomers to the Nationals and returning veterans. We missed and thought of those, including Bullseye Association President Windsor Coffin, who for varied reasons couldn’t be with us. Bullseye spirit ruled with the many named and unnamed who played a role. It turns out we were all winners through wind, rain, sun and calm!! Lucky us.

Joan Tiffany